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Toronto Kids Soccer Program
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Toronto Kids Soccer Program

Top Rated Youth Soccer Club in the GTA

We are considered one of the premier youth soccer clubs because of our dedicated coaches, great facilities, and the fact that this is all we do. No adult programs, no travel teams... we specialize in grass roots soccer!

The Kids Soccer Player Experience

• We believe that kids sports should emphasize value and fun
• We only play in Toronto's best artificial turf and gym facilities
• Each child is entitled to a full uniform and equal treatment
• Our coaches are among the best in the early childhood industry

The Parent Experience

•We strive to provide the simplest and safest online sign-up process. No in-person registration
• Sign up online and receive your uniform on arrival
• Your child recieves meticulously structured coaching. No parent volunteers!
• 60-minute long session blocks full of fun and excitement

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The Top Rated Youth Soccer Program in Toronto

We're the fastest growing youth soccer program in the GTA for a reason. Quite simply our focus is providing EXCELLENT quality and value to kids under 14 - it's all we do!

#1 Soccer Club in Toronto for Kids Aged 14 and Under

We put all our effort into young recreational soccer players. We focus simply on providing excellent value and the best coaching and playing experience for children aged 2 - 14.

Essential Information

• Paid qualified coaches
• 60-minute sessions (not 45!)
• Emphasis on social skills and creating a good soccer foundation
• Full soccer uniform included
• Sessions at the same location every week
• Sign up once - automatic renewal on a weekly basis
• Cancel anytime! Receive a refund if unhappy. No hassle.
• No long weekend sessions
• Parents welcome (and maybe required)

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2022 Outdoor Kids Soccer Locations

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Skill Level & Format Kickoffs & Program Time Place Program Fees

Register For A Toronto Soccer League/Program Today:

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1) All registrations are 100% refundable until 24 hours after first session (risk free!)
2) All payment information captured by Stripe - we don't ever see your data
3) Alternative payment methods available upon email (15% admin surcharge)
4) Cancel anytime via text message or email
5) Only $25 due at time of sign-up to secure your spot and pay for the uniform/jersey. Program fee charged on first day and then recurring after.