All of our soccer programs at a glance:

Our programs deliver age-appropriate, fun activities to introduce your children to the great game of soccer. From kicking soccer balls of color specific cones in our toddler soccer program, to non-dominant foot control in our more advanced youth soccer program, we match skills to ages in a fun way.

Toddler Soccer Program

Toddler Soccer offers toddlers aged 18 months to 2 ½ years a phenomenal welcome to the world of toddler soccer, including basic soccer skills and collaborative play. We mix boys soccer and girls soccer together into a fun series of activities for toddlers and social interaction.

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PreSchool Soccer Program

PreSchool Soccer offers children soccer players 2 ½ to 3 ½ years old an opportunity to develop collaboration and teamwork skills through soccer-infused games. At this age, our little youth soccer players start to show their independence from Mom and Dad in an exciting new way.

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Girls and Boys Soccer Program

Girls and Boys Soccer offers boys and girls aged 3 ½ to 5 years old more time to play with the soccer ball while focusing on skills development. Our little children soccer stars often begin to show a passion for youth soccer and our children soccer programming begins to transition away from toddler activities and preschool activities to the game.

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Kids Soccer Program

Kids Soccer offers soccer kids aged 5 to 7 the next level of SportStars, taking all the important lessons from previous or younger groups and enhancing them to their fullest ability. Real youth soccer matches and the idea of competition is introduced before they graduate to youth soccer.

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Youth Soccer Program

This program offers youth soccer players aged 7 to 9 the ultimate level of SportStars at this age we continue our soccer drills that we learned in the kids soccer program but allow for more gameplay and competition.

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u9/u10 Soccer Program

These programs offer youth soccer players aged 9,10 and 11 a continuation of our fun soccer programs but with more of an emphasis on the great game and less on the games that keep our little ones entertained.

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